Tool to setup data libraries on a galaxy instance


Populate the Galaxy data library with data.

usage: setup-data-libraries [-h] [-v] [-g GALAXY] [-u USER] [-p PASSWORD]
                            [-a API_KEY] -i INFILE [--training] [--legacy]

Named Arguments

-i, --infile

Set defaults that make sense for training data.

Default: False


Use legacy APIs even for newer Galaxies that should have a batch upload API enabled.

Default: False

General options

-v, --verbose

Increase output verbosity.

Default: False

Galaxy connection

-g, --galaxy

Target Galaxy instance URL/IP address

Default: “http://localhost:8080

-u, --user

Galaxy user email address

-p, --password

Password for the Galaxy user

-a, --api-key, --api_key

Galaxy admin user API key (required if not defined in the tools list file)